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5 Top Telegram Channels For Stock Market Options Trading 2023

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Telegram is the most growing massaging app among worldwide. People are using it for sveral purposes. The are many popular channels that provides signals and predictions for stock market related such as intraday calls, options calls and stock predictions etc. The number of such stock market related channels are increasing in numbers day by day. So there is high possibility of many fake channels too. It is very hard to find out the such reliable channels. Because stock market is a financial stream and very sensitive. People invest their earned money in the market. When they trust on some one while investing then he should know about that one.

If you are looking for the Top Telegram Channels for Stock Market then here I am to help you. While researching for a long, I have sort out some amazing for you and get the best data for you. In this article I will tell you the 5 Top Telegram Channels For Stock Market.

It is hard to find only 5 telegram channels, because there are huge number of channels are available. But there is confusion, wheather which ones are legit and fake. So from my experience and a deep researching I gathered this outstanding information for you.

Top Telegram Channels for Stock Market

Channel NameSubscriberJoin Link
Index Express (NISM Certified)10K
STOCK pro Online200K
Minish Patel 3MP (SEBI Registered)1200K
Nifty 50 & Stocks47K

1. Index Express

Among the listed channels Index Express (previously known as The Stocks Express), is a renowned and well established channel. They have their own trading farm and discuss their knowledge regarding stock market on their you tube channel. I have followed this channel since my early trading days. They have a good customer reviews and their calls on intraday trading have almost 90% accurate. Thus they have build their trust among the traders. Their telegram channels’s service is totally free of cost. This can be a best free Telegram channel for stock market.


  • It is a free channel. They provides daily one or two options trading calls daily.
  • Three or Four equity intraday calls also given everyday.
  • The calls are 90% accurate on trade.
  • The channel analysts are NISM registered and trained, so they have a well-experienced trader.
  • Index Express has almost 10,000 subscribers and every day the number is growing.

Extra Services

The Index Express channel works like a self-made stock market trading organization. Along with the free trading calls, they also provide some extra services. These extra benefits make them the best telegram channel for share market trading.

  • They provide extra support over calls and What’s app calls.
  • After looking the free calls you can get their paid services
  • On theirpaid services they guide you with the right exit positions and stop loss.

2. BANK NIFTY Masters

The other best telegram channel for the share market is BANK NIFTY Masters. They have a growing subscriber in number of almost 40,000. Usually, they provide the first free calls of the stock market. The title is enough to know that this channel is specially provides calls for Bank Nifty options trading. So this channel is mainly provides calls only on the Bank Nifty options trading. So the best telegram channel for share market for the options trading can be the BANK NIFTY Masters.


  • The channel is totally free for everyone.
  • They have 40,000 subscribers in their channel.
  • They provides daily 2 to 3 options tradind calls.
  • The calls are highly accurate on trade.
  • The most interesting nature is, they don’t over trade on any risky trade.
  • The best part is that they give all the calls for free to everyone.

Extra Services

The BANK NIFTY Masters is one of the best free telegram channel for stock market. They mainly focused on the Bank Nifty options trading.

  • They are giving the extra benefits of personal assitance for the paid customers.
  • When you are trading with a huge capital and need more efficient calls then you can get their paid services.

3. Stock Pro Online

Stock Pro Online is the best free telegram channel for stock market while you trade on the stocks. Many traders only invest in the stocks. This channel has over 20,00,00 subscribers. The provides 4 to 5 equity and optins calls daily. All their calls are free of cost. When I first know about this channel I was very excited to trade on the stcoks, when I looked that their calls are highly accurate. The stocks intrady calls is the very risky trade. But though this cannel has a great expert team of traders and by their high accurate calls they have gained their huge subscribers base.


  • They provides daily 4 to 5 equity and options calls.
  • The calls are highly accurate, with almost 90% of accuracy.
  • Their service is totally free of cost to everyone.
  • They provide high accurate and low risky trading calls in many times.
  • The channel has high qualified researchers on the team.

Extra Services

Stock Pro Online is one of the best free telegram channel for stock market. They provide calls on the stocks options and intraday tradings.

  • Apart from the free trade calls they also give more perfect trade calls and exit point for the paid customers.
  • They give also paid training to the beginners to teach the stock market tradings.

4. Minish Patel 3MP

Among the 5 top telegram channels for stock market Minish Patel 3MP is SEBI registered channel. They are working in this field for many years. Manish Patel is the owner of this channel. They provide daily 3 to 4 equity and options calls to the subscribers. Since they are working very well on the market so they have got a huge subscribers of 1200K. This number is not a easy number to have, they have gained this in a quick manner. This is the best free telegram channel for stock market.


  • Minish Patel 3MP provides daily 3 to 4 equity and options calls.
  • They provide calls to everyone totally for free.
  • The calls have high accuracy on the market.
  • The calls have proper exit points and stop loss also.

Extra Services

The Minish Patel 3MP channel also gives some extra services along with the free services too. I have considered this the Top Telegram channels for Stock Market among all. The basic charactarestics of this channel has already mentioned here.

  • They provide some paid services when a trader has much higher capital and they will give them full advice where to enter and exit in the market.
  • The calls are highly researched from the market movement by expert trading analysts.

5. Nifty 50m & Stocks

Last but not the least of Top Telegram Channels for Stock Market, Nifty 50 & Stocks is another best channel for the options traders. This channel provides calls for the Bank nIfty and Nifty 50 options trading calls. They have more than 47K subscribers in their channel. I have watched the channel for a long time and reviewed that they are providing good calls for options trading. Their service is totally free.


  • They provide daily 3 to 4 calls of equity cash and options.
  • Their service is totally free every one.
  • The call’s accuracy is tested by me and those are 90% accurate on the market.
  • They guide you on where to enter the market and when to exit from the position.

Extra Services

The extra beneficiary services are also included in the channel. They have not any paid services, so you can’t get any extra favour from them.

  • They do not provide paid service, you will get here all the premium calls for free.
  • The extra leverage is that you will able to get the best calls without paying any commission.

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How Do I Find them?

Today you will find fraud and scams everywhere. Same in the stock markets there are full of fraudsters. So when people search on Google for Top Telegram channels for stock market, they got mesmerized. Because there are several options and a list of the best telegram channel for share market. So from my core knowledge and my experience, I have reviewed many telegram channels in my trading carrier. Here I have shared my knowledge and experienced channels over to you. So you don’t need to look otherwise for your query. Folowing many channels and do trade with their calls I have made this top telegram channels for stock market.

Pros and Cons of Telegram Channels

There are always many benefits and drawbacks for the stock market. While you are following the telegram channels there would be benefits as well as drawbacks too. Keepingbthis in mind you should take part of the market.


  • You don’t to analyse the market or no need to technical knowledge.
  • All the calls are free for you.
  • If you have not any experience then you can just rely on the call and ear your profits.
  • The calls are optional for you, so you can just follow the calls to understand the trading type.


  • You don’t know who is giving the calls, so relying on such financial matters is very risky.
  • If the channel gives you a wrong trade then only you lose your money, they are not aware of it.
  • When you are dealing with such financial related matters then you must know to whom you are giving the faith.

How to Use The Telegram Channels?

The above mentioned top telegram channels for stock market can be useful to you. You can leverage them for trading. When you are a beginner then you should take the help of anyone for guidance. If wanna any free service then these telegram channels are much helpful for you. When you are learning the market then you can also use these channels for reference and compare them with your calculative trades. Comparing your calls with any of these channels can be a helpful content for you when you find your calls are successful.

My Words

There are many traders who trade depending on these telegram channels. They don’t have any technical knowledges or trading view. They jut do folow the calls from the channel and invest their money. Now there they make the mistake. Always remember these channels are not so reliable. As you don’t know about the owner of the channel.

Money is the most sensitive thing for every. So investing your money relying upon any unknown person is not a clever step. Wheather you find any top telegram channels for stock market or best free telegram channel for stock market you should first analyse them and then trust on them.


1. Is Telegram good for stock market?

I always recommend to everyone that the stock market is the most unpredictable. When you are involved with any financial matters then self-analysis is best. Try not to follow any telegram channels. Because there you might fall into any fraud scams and it causes your money lost.

2. Which Telegram channel is SEBI’s registered trading channel?

Minish Patel 3MP is a SEBI registered telegram channel. Also there are lots of channels but it is hte best free telegram channel for share market.

3. Which Telegram channel is best for Bank Nifty options?

Bank Nifty options trading is now so popular among intraday traders. There are many telegram channels only for the Bank Nifty options trade. BANK NIFTY Masters is the best telegram channel for bank nifty options. This channel provides daily 3 to 4 Bank Nifty options calls for free.

4. Should I trust Telegram trading channels?

The best answer is NO. Because there are lots of scammers in the market. They provide the fake calls to trape the traders and they earn from the trappings. You need to review the channels and watch first before joining the channels. When you find any legit channel they join there. The top telegram channels for stock market is mentioned here.

5. Do we earn money from Telegram channel?

Yes, you can earn money from telegram channel. You can promot and sell your products, give paid services and creating the telegram bots for selling your products.

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