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How You Can Use 15 Min Chart for Intraday Trading

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How You Can Use 15 Min Chart for Intraday
How You Can Use 15 Min Chart for Intraday

Using the 15 min, 30 min or 1 hour chart you can trade for intraday. The time frame is so important for intraday trading. For doing intraday or 1 day trading movement then 15 min chart can be helpful.

The time frame is so important. Using the short timing analysis helps to indicate the 1 day movement. If you Predict the Nifty or bank nifty movement or any stock day movement then 15 min or 1 hour chart ? is very important to take a position at any level.

In this article we will discuss How You Can Use 15 Min Chart for Intraday?

How You Can Use 15 Min Chart for Intraday

How You Can Use 15 Min Chart for Intraday
  • You can trade analyzing the chart pattern. Intraday is a very trading option. It needs a good strategy and proper knowledge to trade in. If I take the index Bank Nifty and Nifty both are popular in the Indian stock market. Investors do trade in this script a day trade for its volatile nature. Both move too quickly. So you have to trade here very carefully either you may lose your position.
  • This article will help you to understand how you can use 15 min chart for intraday trading, while trade on bank nifty and nifty.
  • Using the time frame you should trade in indices, because this can not help to hold position for long or you can not analyze the fundamentals for holding long term. In the charts, the moving candles and the type of candles predicts the directional movement of the index or stocks.
  • You can take more actions like 1 min chart, 5 min chart or 1 hour or 2 hour charts also.
  • Using the 1 min chart then you will take more volumes and short movement with a low stop loss.
  • When you take a position using 15 min chart then you can take a longer movement with a low volume and bigger stop loss.

When You Can Use The 15 Min Chart

  1. This method is useful for stocks and F&O intraday trades.
  2. This is a risky method, although investors earn a good profit by this method.
  3. 15 min chart analysis use for short term investment.
  4. You can also use hour chart for swing trading also.

Trade Using 15 Min Chart

How You Can Use 15 Min Chart for Intraday
How You Can Use 15 Min Chart for Intraday
  • Trade using charts shows you a clear vision of the stocks or F&O movement.
  • You can find the approach of buying or selling in the charts.
  • If you can see a strong buy or selling in last 15 min chart then wait for the directional movement.
  • When the strong resistance come wait for more accurate time and then take trade.

Benefits and Draw Backs of Chart Time Frame

How You Can Use 15 Min Chart for Intraday
How You Can Use 15 Min Chart for Intraday


  • Charts of 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, or 30 min can be broken at any time in market times. So the market may move directionally where you can earn profits.
  • Charts can be useful for short term investment.
  • The best way to analyze for intraday trading.

Draw Backs

  • Charting methods can break at any moment. So it can move in the opposite directions of its natural movements.
  • Charts will show you the past movements but you can take trade for long term investments on the basis of the chart movements.
  • The chart patterns are not easy to understand. You need a lot of knowledge to understand the candle types and moving types.

My Words

15 min or hour charts are a way to analyze for the intraday trading. Investors use it when they invest in the short term or in options. When you invest for the long term also use the charts to analyze the past performance of the script or stocks.


1. Is 15 minute time frame good for day trading?

Many investors follow up on their own strategies. So many of them use 5 min, 10 min or 15 min time frames. Several indicators and apps also use 1 min chart to analyze. So it depends you what you will follow. But chart analysis is too volatile and risky. You can use it for intraday or short term investment.

2. How do you trade on a 15 minute chart?

Trade on a 15 minute chart, open a chart of the last 15 min movement, and see the directions of the candles. Then predict in which direction it may move. Then trade on this.

3. Which time frame is best for intraday?

Many experts suggest to trade in between 10:30 am to 2 pm. But if you trade on options you can take a quick position for a small points at the 9:30 am or before also. After 2 pm there is also another movement may occurs on the market movement.

4. Which chart is best for intraday trading?

Line charts are useful for intraday trading. It shows the closing price that helps to know for the next day trade. Also line charts shows a over view on the charts movement.

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