How to Predict Stock Price for Next Day?

The stock market is the deepest see where you can make a lot of money. But before investing it is much important to predict stock price for Next Day. The prediction will affect your investment. Investors make their trade depending upon their prediction. But doing prediction is not so an easy task at all. It needs lots of effort.

Predict Stock Price for Next Day

Before predicting any stock price movement you should need to understand some basic facts. If you are looking for ”How to Predict Stock Price for Next Day?” then you have come to the best place to learn. I will analyze and describe it through this article.

What is Stock Price

  • The stock price is the price of a single share of company. The price is not pre fixed, it fluctuates. When the stock price increased that means the company doing good in business. If the company faces any loss then the price decreased.
  • The stock is the highest price where the investors wants to invest into the the company and when the price falls, that lower price is use for buying the stock of the company.
  • The stock also defines the market capitalization of the company. The higher price of the stocks makes the bigger the market cap and the lower the price makes it smaller. Many long-term investors or experienced investors prioritize the market cap of the company before investing. The bigger market cap makes the company more sustainable for investment.
  • There are many types of stocks in the market. You can choose any types of stock to invest in. People often search for the best penny stocks, best banking stocks, best monopoly stocks, etc. These are also classified by their market capitalization such as large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap.
  • All stock price fluctuates in every trading session. As the market trends always violate.

How to Predict Stock Price for Next Day

  • The stock price is the first thing that investors look for. They find the best stocks under their capital. Investors regularly updated themselves by reading books, news, world market trends, and the company’s news to predict the stock price. Many of them invest by seeing the stock’s movement. But there are lot of factors work to predict the stock price. I will discuss this in this article.
Predict Stock Price for Next Day
  • We will describe the main three factors that make an impact on the stock price. These are
  1. Historical Data Analysis
  2. Fundamental Analysis
  3. Technical Analysis

1. Historical Data Analysis

The historical data analysis helps the investors to find out how the company performed in its past trading days. The historical data show the movement of the stocks on the chart and the highest and lowest traded prices ever that it made. Also, the chart pattern helps to predict stock price for next day.

Experienced investors also predict the stock’s performance in worse economic conditions from its past performance analysis. The past performance uplifts the stock’s market credibility.

2. Fundamental Analysis

  • The fundamental analysis is very important to know the company’s market value. After studying the fundamental factors you will know the market cap of the stock which can more effective to know the stock’s movement in bad situations.
  • There are some internal and external factors that effects on the stock’s movement. After analyzing the fundamentals of the company you can find internal factors. Such as the company’s growth rate, future performance, profit potentials, market depths, current market condition and world economic conditions etc.
Predict Stock Price for Next Day
Predict Stock Price for Next Day

Pick the Sector Stocks

  • These can be considered as to predict the return possibilities. But there some key fundamental factors that can really help you to understand how would be the stock’s movement during the hard economic conditions.
  • If you take any particular sector stock and the sector has the potential to go up that will be in favor. If you take the covid-19 situation, all the sector’s stock almost hit their low and the market was in very critical condition. But only that time pharma sectors and online OTT platforms and other online service companies stock price made their profit even though in the worse situation.

Know the Fair Price

  • One more thing to understand is the fair price of a stock. You can know by analyzing the fundamental of the stock, such as the difference between the higher price and the lower price. Also, it can be calculated by knowing the company and its market performance. You should know it before investing.
  • Thus the fundamental factors can help you to understand the future potential of the stock’s movement.
  • Many experienced investors and others also prioritize the fundamental factors to predict stock price for Next Day. Some investors or beginners can’t understand the other factors, so they use this method.

Long Term Investment

  • If you are going for any long-term investment then fundamental analysis plays a huge role for it. Because to run for a long you need to understand properly the health situation of the company. It will assure how the stock will go. Also, make sure that in which sector you are choosing and the company, they should have a good market share and in future, a good result can be seen on that.

Profitable Return

  • The return of each share is very much important to the traders. A higher ROI of a company will assure the investors of a profitable return. This will leads the investors to trade in a high volume and make the price higher. The stock’s past return possibility help the investors to predict the stock price.
Predict Stock Price for Next Day
Predict Stock Price for Next Day

3. Technical Analysis

  • Technical analysis is the most hardest way to analyze, but it can analyze the technical performance of the stock and its technical parameter. Technical analysis needs the technical knowledge to understand the result. It helps to understand the certain performance of the stock on a daily basis of analysis. It finds out the stock’s movement of the following day.
  • The technical points on the charts and the indicators indications can help the intraday traders for day trading. Technical analysis is more effective for short term or day trading.
  • Many investors can’t understand the technical analysis and they could not use it. This type of analysis needs expertise and knowledge. So technical analysis is mostly used by the experts. The average investors take advice from the experts and trade on how they predict the stock price.

Simple Moving Average

  • The simple moving average is the way to predict stock price for next day. The simple moving average is the daily movement in the pricing that makes by the stocks. It may track the day’s, Weeks’s or month’s moving average.

Price Breakout

  • When the stock’s movement breaks any moving range on its chart patterns, it will make a big towards any direction. This breakout can help you to get a big return or you can prevent your self from the lose using this trick.


  • In the market, several technical metrics indicate the movement of the stock. Some times the stock’s price influenced by the relative index or the moving average. Thus, the stock stuck into a range bound either it makes any significant move in any direction.
Predict Stock Price for Next Day
Predict Stock Price for Next Day

4.Other Factors

  • Except for the above-mentioned factors, you can predict stock price for next day using some other factors.

Market Opening

  • It is important how your local market opens. This will make an impact on the stock’s movement. The stocks will move with related indexes and market trends.

World Market

  • The world market can help you to know the market prediction. When the local market closes the international markets will be trading. If the international markets trade positive then there is a chance that your local market will open with a gap up and vice versa.

Market Direction

  • The market direction is so important as some particular stocks move with the market direction. If the market sets a positive intent and any technical company releases good news then the stock price will increase rapidly. At this certain time, many day traders or short-time traders will earn a profit.

How to Trade on Stocks

Predict Stock Price for Next Day
Predict Stock Price for Next Day
  • You can also trade on stocks without any broker, that will depends upon your choice.

Final Words

Trade in any sector with 100% accuracy is not possible. No one or any expert can not predict the stock price 100% perfectly. But they can predict by using these methods with 70% – 80% perfection. Rather than depending on only one factor, investors can consider using multiple parameters to predict the stock’s price. Sometimes the human calculation analysis gets more effective results than the technical indicators. The way you can trade by considering the self made trade.

Hope these information will help to trade in future. Thank You for reading this article.

Wishing you safe and profitable trade.

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1. How do you predict stock will go up or down?

To predict stock, it is not an easy at all. It needs more study are analysis. You should look first at the company’s fundamental, it growth potential, future business etc. Mainly three factors will help you to predict that the stock will go up or down. These are
1. Historical Data Analysis
2. Fundamental Analysis
3. Technical Analysis
Also you can use the international market trends, your local market trends and the opening prices etc.

2. Is it possible to predict stock?

As it is near impossible to predict stock. Because there are lots of factors that use in the pricing of a stock. Such as the global market situation, company’s profit or loss, any good or bad news, international relations. Considering these factors it is very difficult to predict the price of the stock. But also using some methods and patterns you can trade in it, because all the investors doing it so.

3. What is the most accurate stock predictor?

It is not correct that anyone or any indicator can predict accurately the stock. But there are lots of indicators and analyzing factors. By analyzing those the MACD is the best way to predict the stock.

4. Which stocks are relatively less risky?

The stocks which are fundamentally strong and have a big market capitalization, technically considered more strong and less risk. But there is also possibility of low profit margin, as they are technically strong thus they make their move in a manner for a long term invest.

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