Best Stocks Announced Their Earnings in 2023

Stocks Announced Their Earnings

Stocks Announced Their Earnings: 2023 FY has become a tremendous year for some companies. They have performed in the market and some couldn’t. The earnings of a stock depends upon many things. So their earnings effects on their share prices and performance. In this article we will discuss about those who have published their earnings in 20232 FY.

Stocks Announced Their Earnings

Here you will get all in one report of the stock’s performance in 2023 FY. This report is very much crucial for the investors those who wants to invest in these stocks. Now let’s analyse their reports and their earnings.

1. Adani Ports

Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Q4 FY23 (Consolidated YoY).

  • Revenue up 40% at its 5,797 crore (Bloomberg estimate: Rs 5,067,4 crore).

EBITDA up 59% at Rs 3,270.7 crore (Bloomberg estimate: Rs 3,107.2
EBITDA margin at 56.4% vs 49.7% (Bloomberg estimate: 61.2%) Net profit up 5% at Rs 1,159 crore (Bloomberg estimate: Rs 1,557 crore).
The company reported an impairment of Rs 1,273.38 crore during the March quarter on account of urgent sale of Myanmar assets, declared as exceptional items. The board recommended a dividend of Rs 5 per share for the fiscal 2023,
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Stocks Announced Their Earnings.

Stocks Announced Their Earnings.

2. Prestige Estate

Argis Logistics Q4 FY23 (Consolidated. YoY).

  • Revenues up 2.12% at Rs 2,154.47 crore (Bloomberg estimate: its 2,238 crore).

Ebitda up 41.6% at Rs 2026 crore (Bloomberg estimate: Rs 223.1 crore)
Ebitda margin at 9.4% vs 6.8% (Bloomberg estimate: 10%) Net profit up 56% at Rs 159,32 crore (Bloomberg estimate: Rs 132.6
crore) The board approved a final dividend of Rs 1.25 per share for the fiscal 2023.
Prestige Estate Projects Q4 FY23 (Consolidated, YoY) Revenue 9.64% at Rs 2,631.8 crore (Bloomberg estimate: Rs 1,923.5 crore) Ebitda up 36.5% at Rs 681 8 crore (Bloomberg estimate: Rs 431:4crore).

Ebitda margin at 25.9% vs 20.8% (Bloomberg estimate: 22.4%) Net profit down 46.5% at Rs 505,4 crore (Bloomberg estimate: its 132.32 crore)
The group recorded one-time gains of its 11.9 crore during the quarter under review, against Rs 807.9 crore exceptional gain in the year ago period. The board approved a final dividend of Rs 1.50 per share for the fiscal 2023, it also approved raising Rs 2.000 crore via non-convertible debentures.

Stocks Announced Their Earnings.

3. Welspun Corp

Welspun Corp Q4 FY23 (Consolidated, YoY)

  • Revenue up 102,4% at Rs 4,070.15 crore (Bloomberg estimate: Rs 3,150.7 crore).

Ebitda up 490.6% at Rs 420.6 crore (Bloomberg estimate: Rs 260,1
Ebitda margin at 10,3% vs 3.5% (Bloomberg estimate: 8.3%) Net profit down 8.91% at Rs 240.1 crore (Bloomberg estimate: its 116.1 crore)
The company reported 89% rise in total expenses at Rs 3,825.6 crore, with finance cost rising 216% to Rs 94,7 crore and depreciation growing 44% to Rs 91.2 crore.
Stocks Announced Their Earnings.

4. Torrent Pharmaceuticals

Torrent Pharmaceuticals Q4 FY23 (Consolidated, YoY).

  • Revenue up 16.9% at Rs 2,491 crore (Bloomberg estimate: Rs 2,474.3 crore.

Ebitda up 29.6th at Rs 727 crore (Bloomberg estimate: Rs/28.6 crore)
Ebitda margin at 29.2% vs 26.2% (Bloomberg estimate: 29.1%) Net profit of Rs 287 crore vs net loss of Rs 118 crore (Bloomberg estimate: Rs 322.2 crore profit)
The board approved raising Rs 5,000 crore via debt. The company
will pay a final dividend of Rs 8 per share for the fiscal 2023.

Stocks Announced Their Earnings.

Stocks Announced Their Earnings

5. Patanjali Foods

Patanjali Foods Q4 FY23 (Standalone, YoY).

  • Revenue up 18.1% at Rs 7,872.92 crore.

Ebitda down 19,6% at Rs 326.3 crore Net profit up 12.4% at Rs 263,71 crore
Ebitda margin at 4.14% vs 6.09%
The board announced a dividend of Rs 6 per share for the fiscal

Stocks Announced Their Earnings.

6. Graphite India

Graphite India Q4 FY23 (Consolidated, YoY).

  • Revenue down 3.43% at Rs 815 crore (Bloomberg estimate: Rs 722.3 crore).

Ebitda down 29,5% at Rs 62 crore (Bloomberg estimate: Rs 82 crore). Ebita margin at 7.61% vs 10.4% (Bloomberg estimate: 11.4%). Net profit down 69.5% at RS 29 crore (Bloomberg estimate: RS 71.7 crore). T5he board recommended a dividend of RS 8.50 per share for the fiscal 2023.

7. Green ply Industries

Green ply Industries Q4 FY23 (Consolidated, YoY).

  • Revenue up 4.59% at Rs 469.15 crore (Bloomberg estimate: Rs
    452,6 crore).

Ebitda up 6,85% at Rs 47.6 crore (Bloomberg estimate: Rs 38.2 crore). Ebitda margin at 10.1% vs 9.99% (Bloomberg estimate: 8,4%)
Net profit down 61.8% Rs 11.1 crare (Bloomberg estimate Rs
18.1 crore)
The company reported a less of Rs 166 crore due to disposal of assets by Greenply Industries (Myanmar). The board recommended a dividend of Rs 0.50 per share.

Stocks Announced Their Earnings.

8. Lemon Tree Hotels

Lemon Tree Hotels Q4 FY23 (Consolidated, YoY).

  • Revenue up 111.4% at Rs 252.7 crore (Bloomberg estimate: Rs 250.3 crore).

Ebitda up 385,996 at Rs 141.9 crore (Bloomberg estimate: Rs 136.5
crore) Ebitda margin at 56.2% vs 24.4% (Bloomberg estimate: 51.5%) Net profit of Rs 59 crore vs net loss of Rs 39,36 crore (Bloomberg estimate: Rs 47.6 crore).

Stocks Announced Their Earnings.


KRBL Q4 FY23 (Consolidated, YoY).

  • Revenue up 29.6% at Rs 1,279.7 crore.

Ebitda down 11.5% at Rs 143.9 crore. Ebitda margin at 11.2% vs 16.5%
Net profit up 8,18% at Rs 118 crore.

Stocks Announced Their Earnings.

10. Mankind Pharma

Mankind Pharma Q4 FY23 (Consolidated, YoY).

  • Revenue up 18.9% at Rs 2,052.7 crore.

Ehitda up 46.3% at Rs 436.7 crore
Ebitda margin at 20.3% vs 16.5% Net profit up 52.4% at Rs 293.7 crore.

Stocks Announced Their Earnings.

Stocks Announced Their Earnings.

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Stocks Dividend and Profits

StocksDividend AmountProfits
Adani PortsRs 5 per share40%
Prestige EstateRs 2.15 per share2.12%
Welspun Corp1024%
Torrent PharmaceuticalsRs 8 per share16.9%
Patanjali FoodsRs 6 per share18.1%
Graphite IndiaRs 8.50 per share3.43%
Green ply IndustriesRs 0.50 per share4.59%
Lemon Tree Hotels111.4%
Mankind Pharma18.9%
Stocks Announced Their Earnings.

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Final Words

This is the Stocks Announced Their Earnings. Here we have discussed the earnings of the stocks. It will help you know about the stocks performance. When you make investment in these stocks you can consider their past earnings and performance by this article.


1. Which stock is best to invest?

There is no particular best stock. You have to choose it by your self.

2. Is investment stocks are profitable?

Yes, it is possible.

3. When do the stocks announced their earnings?

In every financial year.

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