5 Best Investment Options For Students in India 2023

5 Best Investment Options For Students
5 Best Investment Options For Students

Investments are the process for good economic stability for yourself in the future. If you start your investment as early as possible you will get more returns. If you are a student and your age is between 18 – 25 then this is the right time to start an investment. That will give a huge return in your old age. As early as you start investing that much the return you will get.

The great investor, billionaire Warren Buffet started his first investment at the age of just 13. So you as a student can start your investment. Starting investing from this age will take you one step ahead from others.

As a student you don’t huge capital to invest. So in this article I will provide 5 best Investment Options For Students. That will be affordable for every one and you can start it from your pocket money savings.

5 Best Investment Options For Students

In student life, all of you may not aware of the investing options. So here I will guide you on where and how you can start your investment. The best thing is that I have added is those investment options where you can start an investment with a minimum of RS. 100 only. This is the most affordable amount that everyone could do. So let’s know that.

These are investing options can invest in. Now let’s know about these sectors.

1. Recurring Deposit (RD)

Recurring Deposit is the investment option where you can start with any minimum amount. This is regulated by the banks. This is a good investing options for students. You can open a Recurring Deposit account in your bank. You can open it online or offline, as you wish. Set the amount that you will invest in every month and then the bank will automatically debit that much money from your savings account and it will be deposited in your Recurring Deposit account. You can withdraw the amount at any time and check your balance.

Here you can invest for 6 month to 10 years plan. The interest rate will be credited as per the plan duration.

Benefits of Recurring Deposit

  • In Recurring Deposit the interest amount is from 4% to 6.5%. The longer the plan duration the interest rate will be increased.
  • This is regulated by banks, so it is a safe investing options for students.
5 Best Investment Options For Students
5 Best Investment Options For Students

2. Mutual Funds

People often get afraid after hearing the word Mutual Funds. But that is true it has risks. Although you can get a good amount of returns from Mutual Funds. This is the best investing options for students because as early as you start investing in mutual funds and if you invest for a long term it will give you huge returns. Only mutual funds can make you a millioner if you start investing in your early ages.

Mutual Funds have two types. One is Equity Mutual Funds and another is Debt Mutual Funds. Both are profitable and risky. But debt Mutual Funds are less risker than equity Mutual Funds. So you can choose how much risk you can take.

Benefits of Mutual Funds

  • Mutual Funds can give you a huge return for long term investment. You can get up to 300% returns from mutual funds.
  • If you invest for long term in Mutual Funds the profit potential will be so high for your returns.

3. Government Bonds

If you think you will invest with assured returns and 100% risk free investment then Government Bonds are the best investing options for students. This is a govt. issued bonds, when govt. start a new project and need lots of investment then govt. issue bonds. It can be issued at any time. It is regulated by govt. own. The price of the bonds is so low So it is affordable.

Benefits of Government Bonds

  • Government Bonds are risk free and it gives assured returns. The return margins are also good.
  • You can buy Government Bonds at an affordable price and invest for the long term.

4. E – Gold

Another investing options for students is E-Gold. You might be thinking as a student you can not buy physical gold because it costs so high and also you can not buy it in a minimum of amount. It requires a minimum amount of money. But you can buy digital gold with a minimum of 100 RS. only. You can also invest it on a monthly basis.

By investing monthly in gold you can arrange a good quantity of gold. Also, you can convert it from digital to physical mode and sell it at any time with profits. When the gold price increases sell your gold and you will get your profits.

E-Gold has many types. Such as Digital Gold, ETF Gold, and Sovereign Gold. You can choose you can preferred type and invest in it.

5 Best Investment Options For Students
5 Best Investment Options For Students

Benefits of E – Gold

  • You can buy E-Gold any time and stock more quantity in the account. This can be a good investing options for students.
  • You can convert the digital gold to physical gold at any time you want.

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5. Stock Market

The word Stock Market makes fear among the people. Investing in the stock market is so risky. If you can take the risk and has a good knowledge of stocks then invest in the stock market. Because the stock market can lose all your money or you can earn a huge profit from the stocks.

Many people do the common mistake that, they buy stock by anyone’s recommendation. But never do that. Invest only when you trust the company and you know it can grow up in the future. Only then invest in it.

To invest in stock market open a Demat account.

Benefits of Stock Market

  • You can earn a huge profit in long term as well as in short term also.
  • Investment in stocks is a great investing options for students because here you can invest as per your capacity. You can choose small or mid-cap stocks and can invest a minimum value of the stock’s current price.

Final Words

As a student, you can not afford a huge investment. But I tried to figure out the 5 Best Investment Options For Students. You can start investment in any of these sectors from today. This will help you in future for you financial security.

Thank You for reading this article. Hope you like this and help full for you.

Wishing you a safe and profitable trade.

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1. How can I earn money as a student?

You can earn money by doing any investment or doing any job. But if you start investment from student life that will help you more than a job salary in future.

2. Which investment is best for students?

Recurring Deposit is the best investment for students.

3. How can I get money without a job?

Yes, you can get money without a job. You can start investing from your pocket money savings and earn from it.

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